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You can only donate £500 or more if you are a permissible donor. A permissible donor is:
  • An individual registered on a UK electoral register, including overseas electors and those leaving bequests.
  • Most UK-registered companies.
  • A Great Britain registered political party.
  • A UK-registered trade union, building society, or friendly society.
  • A UK-registered LLP or unincorporated association that carries on business or other activities in the UK.

I am either a permissible donor, or I am giving less than £500.

If you have any problems paying online, send a cheque made out to Oxfordshire Green Party to our treasurer, Hazel Dawe, 53 Bulan Road, Oxford OX3 7HU

GOAL: £4,000.00

In 2019 we plan to get our first district councillor elected outside Oxford. There are elections all across South Oxfordshire and the Vale, and in West Oxfordshire and Cherwell. We need to show voters that Green Party candidates will make better councillors, standing up to the Conservatives who dominate rural Oxfordshire.

To do that we need to campaign all year round. We need to print, design and deliver over a dozen ward newsletters and leaflets in every ward where we can win. That cost money. To fund the campaign, and to recover from the losses we made in 2017's snap general election campaign, we need to raise £4,000.

Please give whatever you can afford:

  • £5 can pay for a canvassing pack to equip a volunteer.
  • £15 will print 500 posters for a town.
  • £25 pays for a Facebook advertisement.
  • £40 pays for mobile phone canvassing for a month.
  • £100 pays for 5000 leaflets to get Green supporters to vote.
  • £250 will pay for an advertisement in all the free newspapers in Oxfordshire.
  • £600 pays for one months work by our staff.

Donate to our fighting fund now. Give a little, or give a lot, whatever you can afford. Thank you.

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