Help Kate become our 2nd Green councillor in Carfax

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You can only donate £500 or more if you are a permissible donor. A permissible donor is:
  • An individual registered on a UK electoral register, including overseas electors and those leaving bequests.
  • Most UK-registered companies.
  • A Great Britain registered political party.
  • A UK-registered trade union, building society, or friendly society.
  • A UK-registered LLP or unincorporated association that carries on business or other activities in the UK.

I am either a permissible donor, or I am giving less than £500.

If you have any problems paying online, send a cheque made out to Oxfordshire Green Party to our treasurer, Hazel Dawe, 53 Bulan Road, Oxford OX3 7HU

GOAL: £400.00

KateP2.jpgI am standing for the Green Party in the Oxford City Council elections this May. Campaigning began in the autumn and continues right up until the election. We are hoping to build the Green presence on the City Council, and hold the Labour group to account.

If you feel you can give a few pounds to help me reach my goal of being a city councillor it would be very much appreciated.

For £10 we can buy materials to make rosettes so people know who we are whilst we are out on the streets. For £40 we can print and distribute a leaflet to the ward.

I know lots of you support the aims of the Green Party and would love to see an alternative to the way politics is done right now. Please consider donating.

Your donation really will make a difference, thank you.